Why Choose Tile?


Safety - Non-flammable, doesn't conduct electricity, hygienic, doesn't absorb dirt, easy maintenance. Perfect for those with allergies, no dust/pollen/dust mites/cancer causing benzene harboring.

Comfort - They are comfort underfoot, contain thermal insulation and sound proofing qualities. They absorb/retain heat (not cold).

Odor free - don’t absorb odors.

Style - They look fantastic and add Value to your home

Cost - Can be more expensive than other coverings. The “design life” their appearance and the long lasting quality outlasts other products such as wood.


Style - The appearance is attractive and chic. Available is wide selection of colors, designs and styles. Professionals can recreate the look of natural stone, granite, slate, travertine, marble, terracotta, quartzite metals and even wood.

Quality - Porcelain contains less clay and more feldspar (used in the process) and is also pressed at a higher temperature, giving it a high breaking strength.

Low Maintenance - Low water absorption is a factor is its low maintenance. Less absorption equals less stains and cleaning. No waxing, polishing or sealing is necessary.

Rubber Tiling:

Style - Very different from most residential applications, unique look-mix and match, vary in size, pattern, texture, and color.

Quality - Warranties are usually long-durability and stability of rubber is well known.

Extras - Slip Resistant, PVC free.