Why Choose Hardwood?

Besides the classic style and many varieties of hardwoods, hardwoods add value to your home.

Durability / Versatility

Wood floors are very durable and a good wood floor will normally outlast your mortgage. Solid wood flooring is a great insulator and gives a natural warm feel to your space. It can also be easily changed with a new finish to give your space a completely new look for very little cost.

Health Benefits

Hard surface flooring such as hardwood flooring does not trap or harbor dust mites or molds that cause respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma.

Environmental Benefits

Unlike many floor coverings, wood is completely natural, and sustainable. Our products all come from carefully managed resources.


Regular maintenance requires little more than sweeping with a soft bristled broom, vacuuming with a soft floor attachment, and a wipe with a well rung out cloth, when required.


A wood floor need not cost much more than a quality carpet. Unlike a carpet, your wood floor will last for years and increase the value of your property.

Engineered Wood Boards

This option is ideal for the customer who would like to put wood over a concrete slab, or below grade. The engineered option is much more dimensionally stable, and therefore can withstand the additional challenges presented by these sub-floor constraints.

Engineered wood comes in as many varieties as traditonal hardwood. In fact some engineered wood has the same wear layer for sanding and refinishing as you would find in hardwood.

Solid Wood Boards

This selection comes in a variety of finishes and stains. From a polyurethane high gloss coat, to an oiled matte finish, you're sure to find one that fits your style. Suitable for most on or above grade installations.